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    Why is Yang Mi and Song Zuer's short skirts beautiful?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Girls want to be beautiful when wearing short skirts. As long as you pay attention to the skills of matching, you first need to position what you wear, such as simple style, sweet style, cute style, handsome style. The style is very different. If you need a more sexy and stylish feeling, it is recommended to match the short sleeves of black lace stitching, plus a lace skirt, so that the woman will look even more as a whole as a whole. Sexy and fashionable.
      If it is a cute girl, it is recommended to be a more solid top, coupled with the youthful and vibrant color skirt, pleated skirt, etc. The white T -shirt plus a short denim skirt, which looks very generous. ,
      black lace stitching short sleeves gray lace skirts, this black lace stitching short sleeve is very low -key, restrained and sexy, with a very sexy gray lace skirt, fashionable, sexy and very good charm. White T -shirt denim skirt, we must not have a denim skirt in our short skirt, fashionable, casual and versatile, with a white T -shirt, fresh, generous and fashionable.

      The short skirt and skirt are still a little different. We can call a short skirt. Because its length is shorter than the skirt, it must be a certain distance above the knee. Yang Mi and Song Zuer showed the lovely girls at the May 4th Eve Party. The mini skirts were loved by many girls with sweet and lovely shapes, whether they love cold winter or hot summer.
      The skirt is one of the young skirts, giving a sense of vitality. In addition to a cool suspender T -shirt, the mini skirt can also be matched with sleeveless vests. The upper body can shape the image of a girl, and the simple sleeveless vest is a must -have for elegant women in summer.

    2. Yang Mi appeared in the wax figure of Mrs. Tussauds in Shanghai to unveil her third wax figure! Da Mi Mi wore a short -sleeved top and a leather skirt, full of wildness, in sharp contrast to wax figures.
      This of Yang Mi's wax figure from her and Huo Jianhua's TV series "Giant Master", which is the heroine Fu Hanjun.
      It Yang Mi couldn't help but "self" for a while. This is the so -called "aggressive" described by fans.
      Yang Mi and "Fu Hanjun" were taken together. The contrast between the two is indeed similar, but the real person is obviously more beautiful!
      In the past, Yang Mi's wax statue would be made into a "square face". This time, " "Fu Hanjun" became a sharp face, as if there was no personal characteristics of Yang Mi.
      is probably because Yang Mi's dynamics carry aura, so the facial features of the wax figure are like her, and there will be no beauty.
      "Fu Hanjun" has so many different hairstyles in the play.
      This Jun ", the deepest of the audience?

    3. First of all, they are very beautiful, and they are recognized as big beauties, but they are well -known; second, their skin is white and tender and luster; third they have a pair of chopsticks legs, slender and long, short skirts can fully show their advantages; fourth They are very good, the angels are tolerate the devil's figure, and the playful short skirt must be beautiful; fifth they are all flowers, just like flowers have just opened.

    4. There is still a little difference in short skirts and half skirts. We can call short skirts for mini skirts. Because its length is shorter than the skirt, it must be a certain distance above the knee.

      Old iron people like to play big magic chess and card immediately download and install wonderful. There are some disputes in the invention of mini skirts. French designer André Courr

    5. Song Zuer has grown beautiful and very aura since he was a child, because "Flowers and Teenagers" she had participated before, even more popular. She was very sensible and cared for people.
      Recently, her airport street shooting has attracted much attention. The street shooting is very imposing. It is estimated that in addition to Yang Mi, it is Song Zuer.
      . Her facial features are very beautiful, round eyes, fair skin, especially her tied ball head shape, which is very playful and cute, beautiful and beautiful.
      In a happy base camp, Song Zuer wore a white irregular dress, seemed to be very young and cute.
      . She was wearing a small black skirt, a ponytail, and a silver high -heeled shoes. The princess was full of temperament. Some people say that it is not afraid of Audrey Hepburn.
      Whether it is a dress or a formal dress, Song Zuer can easily control it. She looks more elegant in a black and white suit.
      The not long ago, Song Zuer wore a white peach -hearted printed skirt to attend the event. The camisole on the lace side and the dress of the ball head, the overall feeling of fairy, full of girls.
      The coincidental dress worn by Yang Mi, who hit the shirt Song Zuer. Although the two people were more than a dozen years old, the two people's shirts were completely different. Yang Mi wore this white printed skirt, short in front of the front and back. Long design, red high heels, look very fashionable.
      don't look at Yang Mi 31 years old, but the effect of her wear is like a girl.

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