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    Mango's largest card runs fast live broadcast time


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “Mango's largest card runs fast live broadcast time”
    1. The live broadcast time is from 18: 20-19: 20 every day from September 10, 2018 at Mango TV, China IPTV-Hunan dual platforms.
      three months for the competition, using the combination of landing activities, online competitions and television competitions, aiming to set up a multi -dimensional green, healthy chess and cards that integrate competitive sports, culture, and entertainment. The competitive platform allows more people to experience the fun of chess and cards.
      It also set up rich prizes. Not only are the players who register on the event on the event, they have beautiful gifts. Citizens passing by can also participate in the on -site interactive game to get rich gifts. The championship of this event will receive a car worth 150,000. The runner -up will receive a luxury home appliance group, and the third place will receive an Apple notebook.

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