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    Life is like chess!


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Life is like chess!”
    1. It was found in the post bar of life like:.

      Life is like a mystery, life is like a game of chess, life is like a dream, there is you in the dream!
      How bitterness in life, how bizarre life is, how many joy in life, you have you in the joy!
      Life is like chess, black and white interlaced, the blend of life and death
      's life, impermanence. The destruction of the Tao, no disaster.
      The heart is like chess, love is like a game.
      The mood is unsatisfactory, and the game is the same.
      Life is like a chess,
      So there is the leisure of "freely knocking the chess pieces and falling lanterns",
      "The elder only eliminates one chess game" is free and easy,

      The mystery of "Exquisite Bureau".
      Life is like chess
      This is a kind of competition,
      is also a kind of reconciliation,
      slowly life,
      Make chess.
      Life is like a chess
      The play in chess, chess in the play.
      The live life in chess.
      How do you have?
      How do you have gained?
      should you be more careful,
      This, put the few chess pieces,
      This in the best position?

      The life is like a game of chess, and your opponent is you. The winning or losing of the process often makes us see very much. Perhaps the evolution of time will let us understand the truth of everything. Losing and winning are just a contemplation under the loess! Now we live a carefree life, but the exhaust of the car makes us annoying it. The small and greatness often shows us in reality!

      It life is like a game of chess, one son is wrong, and you lose all the plates.

      It life can be compared to five sons. Black offensive, White defender defended. If you want to win your life, you have to take the absolute first, and go down.

      It is the same in life. Some people have their own wisdom and are good at grasping the opportunity. They only show their grandeur as soon as they come, and they will win the road of life in one fell swoop.

      The people only want to set up white chess and keep defending. Such a person's life is like driving a boat in a bland stream. There is no success or failure.

      This chess pay attention to the rules of the game, but life is a game of chess without rules. Everyone's rules are only in their hands. Some people only follow the chess records of their predecessors, follow the rules, and do not dare to take risks. People will pioneer. The chess of life will never be successful. Some people have the courage to explore, and keep chess and keep their rules, such as sailing on the stormy sea. This kind of life is magnificent, although they are still proud.

      The chessboard of each person's life is blank. Some people have lost their rebellion value in the last chess. Some people have played their lives in their lives.

      It life is like a game of chess, one son is wrong, and you lose all the plates.

    2. Sentence is useless.
      The flowers and trees can have philosophy.
      The key is you to realize.

      says that philosophy is shit, then it is shit, say that philosophy is gold, then it is gold.

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