• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

    Is the memory occupied by chess and card games?


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “Is the memory occupied by chess and card games?”
    1. 1. Do not look fast when reading. After reading a chapter, a section, or even a page, as long as you feel that the amount of information is slightly large, you will be in the book first and chew slowly. People are always easy to have an illusion: a bit impressed by one thing, they think they know it enough to understand it. In fact, if you really remember the content you just watched, you will find that you remember 10%at most.
      Readed 100 pages, remember 10 pages. It's better to read 20 pages, but all remember. Right? 2. What should I do if I find what I just saw?
      This to see. Watch it over and over again. Can't remember where to see where.
      In after reading, then the book, and tell others in your heart. 3. In this process, once you encounter a problem, check immediately, do not let any obstacle exist. 4. After reading the reading, it will just be just now

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