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    English words that are not commonly used


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Average, which means the list of the average score of

      Beat collapsed. In Literary Chinese) ("Classical Chinese Men

      Tea-CEREMONY Tea Ceremony Rice Sticks" (river powder) or


      "I Your Version of Our Cheese

      CAKE Adventure But I Think L Woul Found

      It Easier TOREAL MANDARIN Instead
      OF The ?? (I like the adventure experience of us who wrote the egg

      , but compared to Google's translation version, I would rather read your original Chinese version.)

      Badger Game Beauty Score (Time -Shaaring) technology

      SCENE STEALER grabbing the lens

      you are good at what you10ve: you love what you are good

      aT. (Interest is talent, talent is interest.)

      Hooligan Afei, football hooligan
      n n double agent dual spy

      Mr. Big's underworld boss

      love child illegitimate child
      n Hand-to-hard fighting melee

      Box News

      Screen agers Children watching TV and playing computer all day

      june- December Wedding, the elderly marriage of both parties

      king's English Standard English

      Leap day/year. Jeanne

      narrow squeak (mouth) Nine deaths of life

      ninja turtle turtle
      n n ponytail ponytail

      The Protestant

      Pulitzer Prize Pulitzer

      Rat race fierce competition
      n red n red -light distribution of red light district

      Reader's digest readers

      Russian roulette Russian wheel gambling
      n sexual sexual harassment
      n short fuse Angry temper

      Soft-Soap is flattering

      ILENT faint donation

      R N Silver Screen screen, the film industry

      Summer complaint in summer, diarrhea

      tenth -Rate, etc. Lateral Thinking vertical, horizontal thinking

      Wide-body's work

      orm of life n
      Yearbook Yearbook

      zen meditation
      n Paparazzi paparazzi

      SHOW PEOPLE entertainment person

      Exotic dance strip dance

      m's market decline

      bullish market rises
      n state PRISONER political prisoner

      towaway smugglers, passengers who evade tickets

      Negligent homicide overlap

      Impostor rivers and lakes liar
      n ICJ COURT of Justice International Court
      n espionage spy spy spy

      LIFER professional soldiers

      Mine mines
      n Panzer armored vehicle tank

      off limits military restricted area

      -based armed ships disguised as merchant ships or fishing boats

      Riot Corps riot force

      n NDING ARMY regular army

      SNIPER sniper

      Bermuda triangle Bermuda Delta

      brain draw brainstream

      bra N Break-Dancing Perak Dance

      French Windows floor-to-ceiling windows

      Funeral home funeral home

      taillight rear lights
      n visiting team The visiting team

      Runner-up runner-up

      BLAC K Referee black whistle

      FOUL PLAY foul action

      stannding broad jump stands long jump
      n Preschool education

      Thiz Kid Prodigy

      newsbreak important news

      for The brothel of the massage brand

      moonlight is used as a verb.
      Egghead's contempt of intellectuals

      Dog Days in July and August, Futian

      R n
      women's phase

      bee (Bee) The party held for mutual assistance

      bigtime red, well -known

      BANK of ISSUE Issuing Bank

      Cater ∏ American President Clinton (Carter II. Essence Essence )

      Big stick stick policy

      Oxbridge Oxford and Cambridge University

      Comprehensive university
      n CDV Compact Video Disc laser laser laser laser CD

      beeper BP machine

      exclusive exclusive news

      divorcee divorced people
      n worker temporary workers r r

      Eden Eden

      bandwagon see the wind and the rudder

      SAPPHIRE sapphire

      scrap SHANGRI-LA Shangri-La

      obituary supplement

      hangover losers

      full scholarship
      n stone-cold fox fox Iceberg beauty

      Brain trust government's think tank

      A-list celebrities, elite n
      all-expens tour
      n n n n n R N Bard-OF-Avon Evan River poet, Shakespeare's nickname

      beau Monde Society

      n Street advertising leaflet

      In anti -abortion

      backwater Dead water, dead and heavy place

      intercom intercom, closed -circuit communication devices

      In vitro in vitro fertilization, IVF

      Snake hundred snakes
      n laser surgery laser surgery


      B Ombing crazy bombardment

      Tommy gun (beauty) assault rifle

      strafe scan, fierce shell

      supersbomb hydrogen bomb

      Surrender unconditional surrender

      Losing battle Battle

      Mility Operation Battle

      Missile Equipped Destroyer missile destroyer
      meeting Military canteen

      Rock-bottom the lowest

      seed Money Capital

      Principal principal, which can be raised
      n securities, Valuable securities

      SAG depression, falling

      propiteer speculator, traitor

      Red INK deficit, loss

      Ready Money cash

      bettom true trousers
      n n
      Jim crow's contempt for black people

      Iron lady refers to Mrs. Sachel

      iTinerant tour

      In general, the intellectual world, knowledge class

      jack jack

      Blue moon's rare opportunity

      benefit nBrainwave inspiration, the idea of ​​suddenly thought of

      Honor man (beauty) excellent student

      full propessor

      doctoraate r

      alma mater alma mater


      Pony report news reports

      Peter funk The price of the price of the price

      Pep rally mobilization meeting

      pipe dream daydream, imagination

      n Plastic operation plastic surgery

      Made man successful people

      manicure nails
      n Mad Money (beautiful) private house money

      Lotusland Xiaoyao Township

      Jolly Roger Pirate Banner

      Invalid disease number, disabled
      n information n
      Hot air bragging, empty talk

      IDIOT BOX (port) TV

      inS and outs -flight meal aviation meal

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