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    Elementary English words


    Sep 23, 2022

    One hundred thousands of fire, ask for English words in elementary school! It's best to have Chinese! (Third to sixth grade drip)*_*

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    1. I have 3 to 6 grades here, including each unit and word translation, and the words of 6 units are available. I hope you can adopt it.
      unit 1

      Pen pen

      Pencil pencil

      Pencil-Case pencil box

      ERASER rubber

      Crayon Crayon

      Book book

      bag schoolbags
      nSharpener roll knife
      nSchool school school

      unit 2

      Head head

      Face face

      nose nose

      mouth R neye eye

      ear ears

      arm arm
      nfinger finger
      nleg legs
      nfoot feet R n
      BODY body


      RD red

      yellow yellow

      green green

      Blue blue

      Purple purple

      White white

      black black
      norange orange

      pink pink

      Brown brown brown

      unit 4

      cat cat
      ndog dog

      monkey monkeys

      panda panda

      Rabbit rabbit

      CK duck
      npig pig
      bird bird r r r r r r

      Bear bears

      elephant elephant

      mouse mice

      squirrel squirrel
      nunit 5 n

      cake cake

      Bread bread

      hot Dog hot dogs

      hamburger Burger

      chicken chicken
      nfrench friends French fries

      coke Coca -Cola

      juice juice

      milk milk
      nwater water
      ntea tea

      coffee coffee

      unit 6

      one one

      two two
      nthree three

      five five

      six six

      Seven seven

      eight eight
      nNine nine
      nten Ten

      Doll toy dolls

      boat boat

      ball ball

      kite kites
      nballoon balloon

      CAR car

      Plane aircraft

      PEP English third grade (album) three sessions

      unit 1

      BOY Boy Girl Girl Teacher Teacher Student Student Student Student This My Friend friend I'm = I am. I am nice; happy Good Morning in the morning good way in the afternoon; n
      unit 2

      father father; Dad Dad Dad (spoken) mother mother; mother Mom mother (spoken) man (outer) grandmother Grandma (outer) grandmother (foreign) grandmother (foreign) grandmother (foreign) Grandpa Grandpa (Outside) Grandfather Sister Sister Brother Brother Let's = Let us Makes us a real real; exactly and and; and how is it; how about
      nunit 3 r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r n
      eleven eleven Twelve twelve Thirteen 13 Fourteen faten fifteen fifteen SiXTeen 16

      Seventeen seventeen eighteen eighteen nineteen nineteen Twenty 20 how many

      CAN can; you can look at it; see

      unit 4

      Peach peach pear orange orange watermelon Apple Banana banana
      n strawberry grape grape like likes like SOME some; thank you more thanks

      unit 5

      Bus bus Bike bicycle TAXI taxi Jeep Jeep DESK desk

      chair chair Walkman listening to LAMP table lamp youR; your Zoo Zoo
      nunit 6
      nsmall small small The big LONG long Short is short; the short TALL Giraffe giraffe

      Deer deer

      PEP 4th grade nComputer (computer) Board ) Teacher's desk (Podium) picture (picture; photo) Wall (wall) Floor ) TWO (2) Three (3) Four (4) FIVE (V) SIX (6) Seven (7) Eight (8) Nine (9) Ten (10) What (time) it's = it is ... o'clock (... point) Math (mathematics) chinese (Chinese) English (English) P.E. (sports) music (music) for (for; give) class (course)

      unit 3 r

      jacket (jet) Shirt (shirt) SKIRT (skirt) Dress (White) NO (No; No) NOT (No; No) Color (color)

      unit 4

      WARM (warm) COLD (cold) cool (cool) ) TODAY (Today) Jeans (jeans) PANTS (trousers) SOCKS (socks) shoyes (shoes) Let's = let us play n
      unit 5

      how much Banana (Banana) Pear (Pear) Orange (Orange) (watermelon) are (yes)

      they (he, her)

      unit 6

      horse (horse) are't = are not cat (cat) Rabbit (rabbit) Pig (pig) CK (duck) Dog (dog) Eleven (11) TWELVE (12) Thirteen (13) Fifteen (15) Twenty (20) How many (how much) there (there; there)

      PEP fourth grade four -session four -session words
      nunit 1
      nComputerer (Computer) BOARD (Fan) FAN (Fan) Light (Light) this (this) is (yes)

      my (my) that (then) you (your) Teacher's Teacher's desk (podium) picture (picture; photo) Wall (wall) Floor (2) Three (3) Four (4) FIVE (5) SIX (6) Seven (7) Eight (8) Nine (9) Ten (10) What (time) (time) it is = it is ... o 'o' clock(…点钟) math(数学) Chinese(语文) English(英语) P.E.(体育) music(音乐) for(为;给) class(课程) rnrnUnit 3 rn
      JACKET (jirt) Shirt (shirt) SKIRT (skirt
      sub-) Dress ) White (white) no (no; no) not (not; no) color (color)

      unit 4

      WARM (cold) COLD (cold) (cold) (cold) (cold) (cold) (cold) COOL (cool) today (today) Jeans (jeans) PANTS (trousers) SOCKS (socks) shoyes (shoes) Let's = Let us play (play) FOOTBALL (snowy) SUNNY (snowy) )

      un IT 5

      how much ) (Watermelon) Are (yes)

      They (he, her) of

      unit 6

      horse (horse) are't = are not cat (Cat) Rabbit (Rabbit) Pig (Pig) CK (Duck) Dog (Dog) Eleven (11) Twelve (12) Thirteen (13) Fifteen (15) Twenty (There; there)

      PEP 5th grade four -fourth word words vocabulary table
      nunit 1

      young Tall) nstrong (strong) Kind (kind, friendly) OLD (old) SHORT (short) Thin (thin) MR (Mr.) Like (like, like) strict (strict) Smart (smart, clever) Active ) TUESDAY (Wednesday) Wednesday (Wednesday) Thursday (Friday) Friday (Friday) Saturday TV (Watch TV) Read Books

      UNIT 3
      eggplant ) Lunch ) Grape (grape)

      unit 4
      COOK The Meals (Waste) Water The Flowers (Cleaning) Clean The Bedroom (Clean Boat) Make The THE THE THE CLOTHES (Washing Displasia) do the Dishes (Packing) Use a Computer (using computer

      unit 5
      curtain (air conditioning) Trash Bin (trash) CLOSET (mirror) End Table (bedside table) (bedroom) (bedroom). Kitchen (kitchen) Bathroom (bathroom) living room n
      unit 6
      river Tree (Tree) Road (Highway) Building (Building) Clean (Clean)

      PEP Fifth Grade Book Four Word Vocabulary Rate

      unit 1

      DO Morning Exercises (morning exercise) Eat Breakfast AT (at …… click) usually (usual; general) Noon (noon) Climb Mountains (shopping; shopping; shopping) Play the Piano (Piano) Visit (visit grandparents) Go Hiking (Weekend) OFTEN (often) Sometimes (sometimes)

      unit 2

      Spring (spring) Summer (summer) Fall (autumn) Winter (winter) Season season) Which (which one) Best (most; pole) SWIM (swimming) Fly Kites (kite) Skate Because) Sleep (April) May (May) june (June) july (July) Aug./augest (August) sept./sePtember (September) Oct./october (October) Nov./november (11 Month) DEC./December (December) BIRTHDAY (birthday) uncle (uncle; 舅) Her (her) date Painting) Cook Dinner (Reading) Answer The Phone (answered) Listen to Music9 (listening music) Clean the Room (Cleaning room) Write A Letter Mail) MOM (Mom) Grandpa Swimming) kangaroo (Kangaroo) Sleep PICTURES. Report) Play Chess , By) FOOT (Foot) BUS (Bicycle) TRAIN (Train) How (how) go to school (school) Traffic (traffic) Traffic Light (traffic light) Traffic Rule (traffic rules) STOP (stop, stop, Parking Station) WAIT (waiting) Get to (arrival)

      unit 2

      library Where 3

      Next Week (next week) this morning (this morning) This Afternoon (this afternoon) this event (tonight) Comic Book )

      unit 4

      hobby (hobbies) Ride a bike-RIDING A bike ) Make Kites-MAKING KITES (Making Kite) Collect Stamps — Stamps (Philately) Live-Lives (Residence) Teach-Teaches (Teaching) Go-GOES (See) Read-Reads (Reading) See) DOES DOESN'T = DOES Not

      UNIT 5

      esinger ) TV Reporter (TV reporter) Engineer (Engineer) Policeman R n
      rain (rain) cloud (cloud) sun (sun) stream m (river, stream) COME from (from ... from ...) seed (seed) soil (soil) sprout NPEP Sixth Grade Book Four Word Vocabulary Forms

      UNIT 1
      Tall -Taller's higher SHORT -Shorter's shorter Strong -Stronger's stronger OLD -OLDER older Young -Youngeer The younger Big -Bigger's larger HEAVY -Heavier's heavier Long -Longer's longer Thin -Thinner's thinner Small -Smaller (body type) smaller

      unit 2
      have a Fever fever have a sound throat has a sore throat have a color. The annoying SAD is sad, sad

      unit 3

      Watch — WASH -WASHED cleaning Clean —— Play — Played Visit — Did Last Weekend Last weekend Go to A Park -WENT TO A PARK go to the park Go Swimming -WENT SWIMMING, go swimming Go Fishing — Went Fishing to fishing

      UNIT 4

      Leran Chinese — Learned Chinese Sing and Dance — Sang and Danced Eat Good Food —Te great Food to eat delicious food — took pictures photo climb -climbded Had Buy Presents — BOUGHT PRESENTS Buy Gift Row A Boat-loged a boat rowing See Elephant — Saw Elephand to see the elephant Go Skiing-WENT SKING to ski-skating-went Ice-Skating how to skate how, how to get-GOT to LAST At the end

    2. Fourth Age A

      A accounting
      active positive; active
      actor actor
      actress actress
      and and
      angry angry Oblock the phone
      apple Apple
      apr. How about
      at is in ... in order
      aug. August (abbreviation)
      bag bag
      banana banana
      bathroom bathroom
      Becausel because
      bedroom bedroom
      BED bed
      Beef beef
      Behind is ... the most
      best; pole
      bigger (body type) larger
      big big
      blue blue
      board writing board
      boat boat
      Book book
      bored boring, annoying
      boy boy
      bread bread nBridge bridge
      BROTHER brothers
      building building
      but, but
      buy buy
      buy — bough
      by ...; by ...
      can't = can not r r r r r r r r r r r r r NCAT cat
      catch butterfly catch butterflies
      chair chair
      chicken chicken
      Chinese Chinese
      Chinese Chinese, Chinese
      cinema cinema nclass -nclassroom classroom The Bedroom Cleanroom
      CLEAN The Room Cleaning Room
      CLEANED Cleaning
      CLEANER cleaners
      CLEAN clean
      climb mountains
      climbed climb
      climb upward Climbing
      closet closet; wardrobe
      clthes clothes
      cloud cloud; cloud
      cold cold
      Collect Leaves
      Collet Stamps Color
      come from from ...; from ... to
      Comic Book Comic Book
      Computer Computer
      Cook Dinner
      Cook the Meals
      COOL cool
      Count Insects Number of insects
      curtain curtains
      Dance — danced dancing
      date date
      Day days; days
      dec. R nDive diving (ING form: Diving)
      do an experiment
      do homework Making homework
      do morning exercises morning exercises
      do the dishes washing dishes
      do — did r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r
      doesn't = Does not
      dog dog
      don'T = do not
      door door
      Draw Pictures draw
      DRINK WATER nDriver driver
      CK duck
      eat Breakfast
      eat dinner eat dinner
      egggplant eggplant negg egg neight eight r
      elephant elephant
      eleven eleven
      end table bedside table
      english English
      evening night; nfan fan
      farmer farmers
      father father; Dad
      favourite particularly favorite
      Feb. nfish fish
      Five five
      floor floor
      flower flowers
      fly kites flying kite
      fly fly
      foot feet
      forest forest
      FOR as a ; Give T-Shirt T-shirt
      Fresh Fresh
      FRIDAY (FRI.) Friday
      friend friend
      fruit fruit
      funny funny
      get to reach
      get up gets up
      girl girls
      go fishing — Went Fishing
      go hiking — going out of the outing
      go hiking Skating-WENT Ice-Skating
      go shopping shopping; shopping
      go skiing —WENT SKING to ski
      go swimming-went swimming Swimming
      go to school
      go (third -person singularity Goes)
      good good
      grandpa Grandpa; grandfather
      grape grape
      grass grass grass grapes
      green beans green beans
      green green
      happy happy
      have a color
      have a fever fever nhave a headache headache
      have a picnic Picnic
      have a sound throat throat
      have a toothache toothache
      have English class
      have is available; NHEAVIER's heavier
      hobby hobby
      honey honey
      HORSE horse
      hospital hospital
      house house; nhow much how much money
      how how
      how, how to
      hurt pain
      in in ...
      is is
      it IS
      jacket jacket
      jan. January (abbreviation)
      jeans jeans
      july July
      jump jump njune
      kangaroo kangaroo
      kind and kindness; kind
      kitchen kitchen
      lake lake
      last, the last
      last, stay in the last
      learNED learning
      Left left
      let's = Let us
      library library
      like statue; like
      listen to music
      live (third person singular form: Lives)
      living room Living room; living room
      long long
      longer longer
      lunch Chinese meal; lunch
      m nmake a kites to make kites
      (ing form: Making a kites)
      make a Snowman Snowman
      make the bed bed
      mar. March (Abbreviation)
      math mathematics
      matter, trouble
      milk milk
      mirror mirror
      mom mother
      monday (mon.) Monday
      moTher Mother; Mom
      music music
      my My
      near is ... nnine nine
      noon noon
      nose nose
      not is not; no'Clock ... click
      oct. October (abbreviation)
      often often
      old old
      older older
      on is ... above
      one one
      on in ... time
      orange orange
      p.e. Sports
      pants trousers
      park park
      path road; NPENCIL-CASE pencil box
      Pencil pencil
      Pen pens
      pick up leaves
      picTure drawing; photo
      pig pork nplant time NPLANT Plants; Plant
      Play Chess to play chess
      Play Sports for sports
      Play the piano piano
      Play the violin violin (ing: playing the violin) nPlay -Played
      Play play; kick
      please, please
      policeman (male) police
      post card postcard
      post office post office
      potato nPRESENT gifts nq
      quiett Quiet; Wen Jing's
      R nRabbit rabbit
      rain rain; rain
      READ A book reads
      read books
      READ reading; read (third person single: reads)
      READ -Read reads
      RD red
      rice rice
      ride a bike riding bicycle (ING form: RIDING A bike)
      right right Side
      river River
      road highway; Avenue
      room room
      row -loged (ship) nruler ruler
      RUN run
      s nsad sadness, sadness, sadness, sadness
      salty salty
      saturday (SAT.) Saturday
      school school
      Season season
      seed seeds
      SEPT. Nine Month (abbreviation)
      Set the table setting table; setting tableware
      Seven seven
      she's = she is
      shirt shirt
      short short nshort short
      Shorter is shorter
      Should should
      singer singers; singers
      sister Sisters
      six 6
      skate skating; skating shoes nskirt skirt nskirt skirt
      sleep sleep
      sleep sleep
      smaller (body type) smaller
      small small
      smart smart;
      snowy snow nsocks socks nsoil soil soil
      Sometimes Sometimes
      sore's pain nspring spring
      Sprout seedlings; buds; tender buds
      straight into straight
      stream (small) river; Small) Creek
      strict strict
      stronger's stronger
      student student
      study study
      summer summer
      sun sun
      sunday (sun.) Sunday nsunny clear
      sweep the floor sweep the floor
      sweet sweet nswim swimming
      swim swimming
      swing sluts; Taking
      taller higher
      tall high
      tasty is delicious; NTEN ten
      that, that
      then, then
      then, and then
      there; where
      they (he, her)
      they 're = they are
      thinner's thinner
      thin thin
      thirteen thirteen
      this afternoon this afternoon
      this evening tonight
      this morning this morning
      this this morning ; This
      three three
      thursday (th.) Thursday
      tired fatigue, tired
      to direction; towards
      to and ... adjacent
      tofu Tofu
      tomato tomatoes
      too too; too
      traffic light traffic lights
      traffic run traffic rules
      traffic traffic ntrain train ntrash Bin trash can
      tree ntree ntree ntree ntree ntree ntree ntree ntree R ntuesday (tue.) Tuesday
      turn turning
      tv reporter TV reporters
      twelve twelve
      twenty twenty
      two two nu
      uncle uncle; nunder in ... below
      use a computer uses computers
      usually; generally
      Visit to visit grandparents
      W nwail waiting; R nWalk takes
      WARM warm
      wash the clothes laundry
      wash — wash nWatch
      Watch INSECTS observe insect
      watch )
      water the flowers pouring flowers
      water water
      Wednesday (WED.) nwhen When is the
      where where is it; where is
      where? Window
      winter Winter
      WORK work
      Write a Letter writes
      Write a report to write report
      Write an e-mail writing email
      Writer writer
      y ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny rnyellow 黄色的rnyes 是;是的rnyoung 年轻的rnyounger 更年轻的rnyour你的rn小学英语毕业考试复习资料(二)三会单词r nA cousin堂(表)兄弟、 flu流感rna little有些cow奶牛fly(过去式flew)飞rnrnable能cucumber黄瓜fourth第四rnrnabout 关于; About
      after school after school
      air air
      air-air conditioning
      alway is always
      anoth another
      any any; all
      art room painting classroom
      at Home at home
      autralia Australia
      bank bank
      become to become
      better better
      boots boots
      breakfast breakfast
      Busy busy
      buy to buy
      cabbage cabbage; roll cabbage
      call call
      CARROT carrot
      chart chart r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r
      CHEAP cheap
      children'ceenter Children's Activity Center
      city city
      climber climbers
      cloud cloud
      cloudy cloudy ncm () cm
      COLourFul rich
      Come Out exposes
      computer Room Computer Classroom
      Country Country
      DAY Sky
      DEAR dear
      design design r r
      dictionary; dictionary
      different; differences
      dinner dinner; dinner
      do housework
      down from high to low; downward
      drink drinks
      drive driving
      DROP liquid beads; drip
      each each; each
      east east
      easy simple
      e-card electronic card
      eigh TH Eighth
      either also
      else others; in addition,
      empty the trash pour garbage
      england UK
      english class English class
      enJoy from ... neveryone
      every; all
      exapensive expensive
      factory factories
      fail failure; failure
      fall falls; down; drop
      far Far
      feel feels
      feel feels; feels
      feet feet (plural)
      fifth fifth
      find search; Nfruit Stand fruit stall
      funnier's more funny
      fun is interesting; laughter
      garden garden
      garden garden
      get off
      get up up
      go home go home
      go to bed to bed
      go to school
      go to the cinema to watch movies
      goal NH
      halloween before Halloween
      hardly has almost no
      have a try
      healthy health;
      hen hen
      high high
      him (Beng)
      hold on wait
      holiday holidays
      hong Kong Hong Kong
      hot hot
      however But
      ifs if
      ill is sick
      in Front of ... above
      into to enter
      jeans jeans
      JUST do It is just doing this
      kg (kilogram) kg; kg
      kick kick
      killer woller whale
      know knows
      L nlady; Miss; Madam
      LAMB lamb; Lamb
      laugh at ... Laughs
      leave (Past Left)
      LEFT left
      library library
      LITTLE small
      lobs Ter lobster
      look at see
      look for find
      lovely; beautiful
      lunch lunch
      magazine magazine
      make fils verify or identify something
      match competition
      Mean means
      medicine medicine
      meet meet; meet (someone)
      menu menu
      meter rice
      might. R nmoney money
      MONTH month
      mral ecation ideological and moral lectures
      motor cycle motorcycle
      mountain mountains; mountains
      music class music class
      music room music classroom
      must must be necessary
      must make logical judgments
      mutton lamb
      nature Park Natural Park
      need, required
      next Next
      ninth ninth nnorth northern nnorth Northern
      oFF spacing; leave; leave
      often often
      ONION onion
      other others; R nown's own
      p.e. Class sports class
      pants trousers
      party party; Chess
      Play with playing ...
      police; police department
      port pork
      potato potato
      pot pot; bowl; R nPretty is beautiful; cute
      principal President
      put away the clother
      put; location r
      rainy rain nrain rain nR nread A Magazine Reading Magazine
      RELAX Relax
      REMEMBER Remember
      RETURN Return;
      sandals sandals
      Science Museum Science Museum
      SEAL seal
      SECOND second
      SE E YOU LATER goodbye
      See see
      SEND send; send
      SEVERAL; several
      shark sharks
      sheep sheep
      Shine shine Shoes
      shop store
      shorts shorts
      show exhibition
      sick is sick; uncomfortable
      side side
      sky sky
      slippers ; Tennis shoes
      snow snow
      so much; very
      social studies Social class
      socks socks
      soon soon
      soon immediately; soon
      sound It sounds
      speak to and ... Speaking
      Sperm Whale Whale
      squid squid
      start starts
      stay; stay
      still still;
      sweater sweater
      swim (past SWAM) swimming
      take a trip to travel
      talk speech
      teacher's office teacher office
      tell Test
      than and ... compared to
      the Great Wall Great Wall
      theme Park theme park
      then so
      thing things; object
      think thinking; thinking r r r r r r r r
      third third
      third third
      tip useful small suggestion; small tips
      together together
      tomato tomatoes
      tomorrow tomorrow
      tomorrow tomorrow
      tongue twister around
      tonight Tonight
      ton ton
      tourist traveler; tourist
      trip travel
      trunk elephant nose
      TV Reporter TV reporter
      tv Room TV room room ntwelfth tenth tenth Two
      twentieth No. twelve
      twin twins
      tudent college students
      up; ; Water vapor
      Village country; village
      Wake up awake; wake up
      wa SH Room toilet
      wash the Windows Wipes
      way Road; Tao
      WEATHER weather
      week week; week
      well is good; yes; satisfactory
      west West nwin ( In the past, Won) Win
      Windy wind with wind
      Woods wood
      WORK work
      Worry troubles; anxiety
      y nyesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday

    3. The most important thing for learning foreign languages ​​is the language environment. I often add British, E -line English, and SPIIKRRE English with ABC. They are fast English -speaking textbooks. Americans' thinking and corrected my pronunciation, especially speaking and listening, it is best to teach foreigners. There are many ways to remember words. People can remember according to their own habits and cultural backgrounds. The time and quantity of recitation of words every day must be determined according to Russia's own specific situation. When you recite the clearest and most energetic mind in the day. In addition, remember that although the words can take good methods for memory, the three major purpose of memorizing the words cannot be forgotten: 1. Persistence is expensive; follow the law of people's memory, and in accordance with the rules of the forgottenness of Aibin, the loop review is more than one time. Memory is effective.

    4. Sixth grade English word learning form (1)

      Class: Name: Parenting Evaluation: General Comment:

      1, month Month
      January January February February February March MARCH
      April May May June June July JULY August September September October October November November December
      2, week week r n 星期一Monday 星期二Tuesday 星期三Wednesday 星期四Thursday 星期五Friday 星期六Saturday 星期天Sundayrn rn3、太阳sun 地球earth 月亮moon 星星star 春天spring 夏天summer 秋天autumn 冬天winter 风wind 雨rain 云cloud 雪snow Ice ICE multi -cloud Cloudy Sunny Sky Sky Sky Hill Field Field River River Sea Wood Forest Forest Stone Stone Flower Flower Grass Tree Leaf
      4, Animal N4 Like Elephant Lion Lion Tiger Bear Bear Wolf Fox Fox Fox es 斑马zebra 鹿deer 熊猫panda 猴子monkey 马horse 奶牛cow 驴donkey 绵羊sheep 猪pig 狗dog 猫cat 兔子rabbit 老鼠mouse mice 公鸡cock 母鸡hen 小鸡chick 鸡(鸡肉)chicken 鸭ck 蝙蝠bat 蜘蛛spider 蚂蚁ant 蜗牛Snail Dragonfly Butterfly Butterfly Bee Fly Fly Fly Snake Snake Frog Crab Crab Goldfish
      Sixth Grade English Word Learning Form (2)
      1, body body
      hair hair ear ear nose Nose Eye Eye Mouth Head Head Face Face neck NCK Shoulder Shoulder ARM Hand Hand Hand Hand Finger Leg Knee Foot / Feet toe TOE
      2, Dad Father Mother grandfather grandpa grandpa grandpa grandpa grandpa grandpa grandpa Aunt Aunt's brother Brother Brother Sister Sister Baby Baby Baby daughter daUGHTER son Son boy Boy girl GI RL man Man

      3, worker Worker farmer Farmer Teacher Teacher student Student elementary school student Pupil doctor DOCTOR nursing police nursing police Policeman driver (driver) Driver chef king Queen Queen
      4 n4 , Happy Happy SAD Angry Cry Cry Smile Smile shouting Walk Walk Run Sit Sit Station Stand jump jump lying Liep Sleep to read Write Listen Sing Dance Dance
      5, Food FOOD, Food FOOD rn 米饭rice 面包bread 汉堡包hamburger 火腿ham 热狗hot dog 蛋糕cake 奶酪cheese 巧克力chocolate 比萨饼pizza 三明治sandwich 薯条chips 面条noodle 果汁juice 咖啡coffee 牛奶milk 雪碧sprite 可口可乐Coca Cola 冰激淋ice cream 茶tea 水water Egg moon cake Moon Cake

      6, fruit FRUIT
      Apple Apple Banana Pear orange红柿tomato 桃子peach 菠萝pineapple 葡萄grapes 芒果mango 柠檬lemon 西瓜蔬菜vegetable 土豆potato 胡萝卜carrot rn rn11、衣物clothing 上衣(短大衣)coat 大衣overcoat 毛线衣sweater 裤子trousers 短裤shorts 夹克jacket 衬衫shirt Dress DRESS short skirt SKIRT T-shirt T-shirt vest vest hat HAT tie tie scarf Gloves shoe SHOE socks SOCK swimsuit watch " R n The sixth grade English word learning table (3)

      Class: Name: Parenting Evaluation: Follower Evaluation:

      1, Games Games Sports Sports Toys TOY cloth doll doll 棒球baseball 气球balloon 滑冰skate 游泳swim 足球football 篮球排球乒乓球table tennis 跳高high jump 跳远long jump 风筝kite 舞会party rn rn2、学习study 袋子bag 书包school bag 钢笔pen 铅笔pencil 盒子box 笔Box Pencil-BOX rubber rubbing Eraser Rule Ruler School School Library Librar y 地图map 报纸newspaper 卡片card 图片picture 计算机computer 鼠标(老鼠)mouse 显示器monitor 打印机printer 键盘keyboard 黑板书桌desk 桌子table 书柜bookcase 书book 笔记本notebook 钢琴piano 小提琴violin rn rn3、颜色colour 红red White White Black Black Blue Blue Brown Brown Yellow Yellow Orange Orange Green Green Grey / Gray Pink Pink Purple Purple

      4, Bicycle BIKE Bus TAXI Car Train Plane Subway Subway Boat Boat Boat Boat Boat Ship Ship

    5. Quietly Push Loudly Carefully Musts WHY RIGHT
      This and be careful not to why the correct

      land Fire Fire Drill Child Traffic Lights
      Land Fire Fire Fire Scholars Help real children's traffic lights

      Crossing Zebra Crossing Line Mean Across Until Important

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